At 28, Chicagoan James Fotopoulos has made more than 100 films and videos, and they keep getting better, having moved from the uncomfortableness of human flesh to the more metaphysical hell of Esophagus (2004). At its center is a typical Fotopoulos torment: six men, one sporting horns, seem imprisoned in a drab room, and a distorted female voice intones phrases such as “You’re born with teeth in your eyes.” Elsewhere, scratches on the film outline and entrap women’s bodies. The opening section–showing gorgeous yet intrusive and terrible flickering light patterns accompanied by droning music–is repeated at the end, giving the work a fatalistic form that suggests the trap isn’t the walls of a room but the nature of the cosmos. Fotopoulos will attend the screening. 70 min. Sat 4/23, 8 PM, Chicago Filmmakers.