Previously produced by the Aardvark theater company, this festival of women’s theater has been taken over by the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs in conjunction with Prop Thtr. Running through May 10, the festival features artists in the fields of theater, performance, poetry, dance, and music. One program remains, at the Storefront Theater in the Gallery 37 Center for the Arts, 66 E. Randolph. Tickets cost $12 per program and can be purchased by phone at 312-742-8497 or on-line at; more information is available at Following is the schedule through May 8; a complete schedule is available on-line at

Female Identity 3: Sheer Strength

Joanie Schultz performs Turned On, a comic solo piece about a woman “obsessed with the kitchen and turning into her mother.” Also on the bill: Stephanie Wells sings and plays the piano; a group musical number, “Les Women Hot”; Elizabeth Lentz and Rachel Bunting dance to the eccentric pop stylings of 60s novelty singer Mrs. Miller in Two Girls and a German Frau; Her Kind, Susan McLaughlin Karp’s analysis of Anne Sexton and Laura Petrie; Babes With Blades in a parody of Charlie’s Angels; Katrina Kelley’s comic monologue The Flower Also Rises; Mindy Meyers of the Chicago Moving Company in the solo piece Silver I’s; Tekki Lomnicki and Susan Nussbaum in Nussbaum’s dark comedy Parade; Amanda Delheimer’s “meditation on rhythm,” Birth of Rhythm; and Mother/Daughter, Daughter/Mother, performed by members of the Camenae Ensemble Theatre Company. Storefront Theater, Thursday through Saturday, May 1 through 3, 7:30 PM; also Thursday, May 8, 7:30 PM (for this show, musician Stephanie Rearick replaces Stephanie Wells).