A week’s worth of new films from Europe, many of them U.S. premieres, sponsored by Cinema/Chicago and the American Film Institute. All screenings will be held at the Music Box Theatre, 3733 N. Southport, Friday, June 12: through Thursday, June 18. Individual tickets are $6, $5 for Cinema/Chicago and American Film Institute members; for information, call 644-3400 or 644-5454.

FAMILY BUSINESS An anomalous comedy from Greek-born French director Costa-Gavras (Z, Special Section), more frequently the purveyor of overtly political thrillers (The Sleeping Car Murders and Clair de femme are the other main exceptions to the rule). It’s about a pair of mom-and-pop safecrackers who have second thoughts about their profession when junior decides to join in. With Fanny Ardant and Johnny Hallyday. (PG) (Friday, June 12, 6:30, and Sunday, June 14, 6:15)

HISTORY The latest film of veteran Italian director Luigi Comencini, who first won attention with his “Bread and Love” comedies (Bread, Love and Dreams; Bread, Love and Jealousy) of the neorealist 50s. This one’s an adaptation of Elsa Morante’s epic novel, about a woman struggling to keep her family together in the devastated Italy of World War II. With Claudia Cardinale and Lambert Wilson. (PG) (Friday, June 12, 9:00, and Saturday, June 13, 9:00)

THE POINTSMAN Two-character drama from the Netherlands, about a woman who gets off her train at the wrong stop; it’s described as “a film of visionary power.” Jos Stelling directed. (PG) (Saturday, June 13, 4:00)

THE CHINESE ARE COMING West German director Manfred Stelzer’s comedy of modern xenophobia (which seems to be affecting everyone these days), about a group of enterprising Chinese who buy a failing German factory at the foot of the Alps. (PG) (Saturday, June 13, 6:15, and Wednesday, June 17, 9:00)

REPORTER X Crime melodrama from Portugal, about an opium-smoking reporter of the 30s who consorts with seedy underworld types; Jose Nascimento directed. (PG) (Sunday, June 14, 4:00)

IRISH SHORT STORIES Trio of short films from Ireland, including Thaddeus O’Sullivan’s The Woman Who Married Clark Gable, which features Mona Lisa’s Bob Hoskins as a dubious Gable look-alike; Kieran Hickey’s Short Story: Irish Cinema 1945-1958, a study of a cinematic Golden Age that never was; and Fergus Tighe’s Clash of the Ash, about an unruly youth in an Irish small town. (PG) (Sunday, June 14, 9:00)

CARAVAN SERAI Tassos Psarras’s film of the Greek civil war (a perennial theme in that country’s cinema), about a Macedonian family relocated by the government in a cramped tenement settlement in Salonika. (PG) (Monday, June 15, 6:30)

BREL, A SHOUT Christian Mesnil’s 82-minute documentary on the popular Belgian-born singer, with rare interview and performance footage tracing Brel’s career from early cabaret days to the later years of international success. (PG) (Monday, June 15, 9:00, to be shown with Paul Cammermans’s The Van Paemel Family)

LONG STRIDER A picaresque Spanish outlaw leads the authorities on a merry chase and becomes a national hero. Rafael Moreno Alba directed. (PG) (Tuesday, June 16, 6:30)

WITHNAIL AND I Two out-of-work London actors find the 60s a dreary place to live; a first film by The Killing Fields screenwriter Bruce Robinson, described by one reviewer as “civilized Cheech and Chong,” which may be more of a threat than a recommendation. (PG) (Tuesday, June 16, 9:00, and Thursday, June 18, 6:30)

GWYNCILLA: LEGEND OF THE DARK AGES The Middle Ages reconstructed on a $65,000 budget, complete with witches, wizards, lepers, heretics, and varieties of underpaid extras. This first feature from Luxembourg tells the story of a girl waiting to be rescued from fairy-tale disasters by a handsome worthy . . . who turns out to be a bumpkin. Andy Bausch directed. (PG) (Wednesday, June 17, 6:30)

THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON Danish brooder about a man released from prison (Peter Thiel) who tries to reestablish contact with his punky daughter; she doesn’t want to see him though, because of what he did to mom . . . Erik Clausen directed. (PG) (Thursday, June 18, 9:00)