Everything’s Sexy! 69 Laughs in 96 Minutes, BackStage Theatre Company, at the Cornelia Arts Building. Sexual energy is one of the toughest things to channel (and unleash) onstage, a lesson the BackStage Theatre Company learned last year with its staging of Madeleine George’s The Most Massive Woman Wins. During the play’s climax, the four actresses looked awkward in their own skins, in depressing opposition to the play’s empowering message. There’s a bit more flesh and a lot more innuendo in Everything’s Sexy! 69 Laughs in 96 Minutes, but this potent taxonomy of turn-ons benefits from its anything-goes approach and relaxed, impish spirit.

As a revue, this collection of original songs, Broadway standards, dramatic scenes, and comic sketches is a mixed bag: sharply choreographed musical numbers from The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (“A Lil’ Ole Bitty Pissant Country Place”) and City of Angels (“The Tennis Song”) put lust front and center, while a tender scene from Love! Valour! Compassion! examines love and longing. Some of the material doesn’t play to the ensemble’s strengths (none of the performers has a voice husky enough to pull off the selection from Gypsy), and some of it is patently unarousing (“Cum 2,” in which a sweaty Christopher Kaye dances around with a large sausage in his pants). Still, the expansive approach of director Melissa Young and her ensemble ensures that even when the show isn’t particularly sexy, it’s still open, inviting, and an awful lot of fun.