EVERYONE’S COMING OUT, ROSIE!, Second City, at Donny’s Skybox Studio, Piper’s Alley. Slicing and dicing, this nine-member outreach ensemble delivers a ton of lavender-laced laughs in a mere hour. Its latest gay-themed revue (last year’s hit was Whitney Houston, We Have a Problem) is neatly framed by a parody of The Music Man in which a con artist warns Righteous City about the menace of letting diversity in the door.

Sheer silliness saves some sketches. Regency lovers court in couplets until he tears her dress off in order to wear it. An overcaffeinated transsexual whore has an impromptu high school reunion with an astonished john. Trying to avoid both stereotypes and political correctness, the troupe creates a support group for fag hags, chain-gang convicts who two-time each other, drag racers in full drag, and book-banning matrons who succumb to lesbian fantasies. The best-written scene deals with two parents so mired in denial of their daughter’s lesbianism that they can refer to straight lovers only as bananas and gay ones as kiwis.

Andy Eninger has contagious fun as a fag-bashing evangelist who uses hand puppets to personify prejudice, while Ed Garza displays a mean patter as Professor Harold Homophobic. Except for a dull scene involving some hangdog losers and a strange song about a gay lobsterman, every sketch by this wizard group hits its target and buries the hatchet deep.

–Lawrence Bommer