Everything’s Sexy 2!: Remounted and It Feels So Good, BackStage Theatre Company, at Cornelia Arts Building. This entertaining hodgepodge of song, dance, spoken word, and acting has a salacious something for everyone. Thanks to Jennifer Willison’s choreography, the singing and dancing are the strongest elements. Melissa Young is a powerhouse in “Miss Byrd,” Matthew Kerns’s “Bring on the Men” is saucy, and an all-male version of “Chapel of Love” is hilarious. Disney would cringe at the double entendres in “A Whole New World,” and Jennifer Marschand’s “Feelin’ Love” is steamy.

The story line is weak, however, and some of the monologues and scenes are incongruous and lack energy. For instance, a recitation of Shakespearean sonnets is merely an excuse to show two women caressing each other. You may say “What’s wrong with that?” but the problem is the text becomes irrelevant. Kerns and Danielle Mari overperform an excerpt from John Guare’s The Loveliest Afternoon of the Year, but Mari is convincing in a monologue about the sexual proclivities of a girl next door. And Marschand impressively delivers a short Guare monologue about a young pianist bringing horny classical composers back to life.

This sequel to a similar cabaret last summer isn’t always fresh and original, but director Young and her cast have great fun with the material. Teasing, tempting, and seducing us, this ensemble shows its audience a good time.