Best Bet: Superamas
By Robert Loerzel

One to Watch: Randall Colburn
By Kerry Reid

Best Bet: Devilish Children and the Civilizing Process
By Tony Adler

Best Bet: At Home at the Zoo

Plus: Fall theater listings


One to Watch: Chris Condren
By Jessica Hopper

Best Bet: The Nairobi Project
By Steve Heisler

Plus: Fall comedy listings


Best Bet: Sankai Juku
By Laura Molzahn

One to Watch: Jonathan Meyer
By Laura Molzahn

Plus: Fall dance listings


Best Bet: The Social Network
By J.R. Jones

Best Bet: Tamara Drewe
By J.R. Jones

One to Watch: Ruth Leitman

Plus: Fall movies


One to Watch: Chris Sloan
By Liz Armstrong

Best Bet: Riot Fest
By Monica Kendrick

Best Bet: Umbrella Music Festival
By Peter Margasak

Plus: Fall concerts and shows


Best Bet: Sam Shepard
By Tony Adler

Best Bet: Charles Burns and Chris Ware
By Jerome Ludwig

Plus: Fall lit listings


Best Bet:Derek Chan
By Bert Stabler

Best Bet: Echoes of the Past: The Buddhist Cave Temples of Xiangtangshan
By Noah Berlatsky

Plus: Fall art listings