Voiceover is a friggin’ sweet gig if you can get it,” says Alex Borstein. “Here I am, a chubby little Jew from Deerfield, Illinois, and I can play anything I want.” On the animated sitcom Family Guy, Borstein (a sketch comedy veteran and former MADtv cast member) provides the nasal voice of Lois, wife of bumbling title character Peter Griffin, as well as such supporting roles as black neighbor Loretta and token-Asian TV reporter Tricia Takanawa. On the air since 1999, Family Guy’s a rude, raunchy showcase for the adventures of Peter and Lois, teenagers Meg and Chris, bitchy baby Stewie, and Brian, the talking, alcoholic family dog. First seen in 2004 at Just for Laughs–the Montreal Comedy Festival, the touring production Family Guy Live! features series stars Borstein, Seth Green, Mila Kunis, Mike Henry, and series creator Seth MacFarlane, a master mimic who provides the voices for Peter, Stewie, and Brian. “We like to say he’s good at playing with himself,” says Borstein of her leading man. The evening features a screening of scenes from the upcoming season, an audience Q & A, musical numbers, and an “uncensored reading” of a “classic episode” from the show. “Most of the fans already know the lines by heart, so it’s sort of a Rocky Horror experience,” says Borstein. a Sat 9/15, 7 and 10 PM, Chicago Theatre. –Albert Williams