Presented by the Filipino-American Network, this festival of work by Filipinos and Filipino-Americans runs Friday and Saturday, October 22 and 23, at Northside Preparatory High School, 5501 N. Kedzie. Matinees are $6, evening programs are $10 ($8 for seniors, students, and children 12 and younger), and a festival pass, good for admission to all events, is $25. For more information call 312-342-1574.



An independent American feature (2003) by writer-director Patricio Ginelsa Jr., about cultural clashes at a small-town high school in the late 1990s. 80 min. Ginelsa will attend the screening, which also includes two of his music videos and Theophilus Jamal’s short Gotham, IL. (7:00)


An Untold Triumph: America’s Filipino Soldiers

During World War II, more than 7,000 Filipinos fought in the Pacific as U.S. soldiers, enduring some of the toughest combat of the war and contributing daring intelligence work to MacArthur’s recapture of the Philippines. This 2002 documentary by Noel M. Izon celebrates their remarkable achievements, deftly balancing archival footage, still photographs, and interviews with veterans. Narrator Lou Diamond Phillips sometimes oversells the drama, but the story rises above this. 79 min. (HSa) Also on the program: Dillon Delvo’s short The Game of Solitaire. (1:00)


A young boy resolves to help his impoverished family in this 2003 Filipino feature. Maryo J. de los Reyes directed a script by Michiko Yamamoto. In Tagalog with subtitles. 122 min. (3:00)


R “My mother? Get beyond the shoes!” urges Ferdinand Marcos Jr. in this engrossing 2003 documentary about the former first lady of the Philippines. Of course, what lies beyond Imelda Marcos’s shoe collection (3,000 pairs by one estimate) is the $659 million that she and her husband funneled into Swiss bank accounts during their three decades in power. (Another source in the movie puts their take at $10 billion.) Filmmaker Ramona S. Diaz chronicles Imelda’s rise from Manila beauty queen to Filipino icon, intercutting contemporary interviews in which she calmly rationalizes her and her husband’s rapacity. Her queenly conviction that her personal beauty is a divine gift to her people would be easier to dismiss were it not shared by certain British monarchs and American first ladies. 103 min. (JJ) Two shorts complete the program: Water: A Source of Life and Death and Balikbayan. (5:00)

Crying Ladies

Mark Meily wrote and directed this 2003 comedy about three women who make a living as professional funeral mourners. In Tagalog with subtitles. 111 min. Also on the program: music videos featuring Black Eyed Peas and the Pacifics. (7:30)