Nine features and a program of shorts from the Philippines, most of them receiving their Chicago premieres, will be shown at Facets Multimedia Center, 1517 W. Fullerton, Friday through Thursday, January 5 through 11. This festival is being presented by Facets Multimedia in cooperation with the AMAUAN Filipino-American MultiArts Center in New York. Admission to each program is $5, $3 for Facets members. For further information call 281-9075.


BLESSINGS OF THE LAND Directed by Manuel Silos in 1959, this black-and-white feature is about life in a farming village. With Rosa Rosal and Tony Santos. (7:30)


TURUMBA Kidlat Tahimik’s film of 1981 has been described as “an ironic, comic comment on the corrupting touch of Western mass marketing techniques as well as on the virtues of small-town self-reliance.” (6:00)

THE WAY WE WERE … Eddie Romero’s 1976 feature, set in 1896, describes the comic misadventures of a country bumpkin sent to look for the bastard son of a Spanish friar. With Christopher de Leon, Gloria Diaz, Eddie Garcia, and Danreb. (8:00)


ARE YOU NERVOUS? Mike de Leon’s 1980 black comedy, anticipating Pedro Almodovar’s Dark Habits, concerns a group of fake priests and nuns who are smuggling drugs into the Philippines. With Christopher de Leon, Charo Santos, and Sandy Andolong. (5:30)

PRIVATE SHOW Chito Rono’s 1985 drama about people hired for private sex shows, starring Jaclyn Jose and Gino Antonio. (7:30)


THE PERFUMED NIGHTMARE A funny film essay, written and directed by Kidlat Tahimik, who also stars as a jitney driver from a remote Philippine village transplanted to Paris by a creepy American capitalist. Tahimik is a disciple of Werner Herzog, and it shows in his stylized landscape shots and his general attitude of sentimental recidivism. But he has a much better eye for visual metaphor than his mentor, and his film is full of surprising, strong images, both poetic and satirical. Made for $10,000, the film is a model of resourcefulness, using film scraps, documentary footage, and postdubbed sound in an original, appealing mix (1981). (DK) (7:00)

MOWELFUND FILMS A collection of short films produced by the Mowelfund Film Institute. Selections include Melchor Bacani III’s Delirious, Raymond Trinidad’s Gray Rain, Cooper Risabal’s Mountain Images, Ludwig Rio and Roxlee’s Lizard, At Maculangan’s Sewing, Wilfredo Calderon’s Balat, Benjie Lontoc and Roxlee’s Spit, Raymond Red’s Studies for the Skies, Luis Quirino and Doris Sales’s True Blue American Coconut Grove, Noel Lim’s The Woodcutter, and the collectively made In Manila and Optik. (9:00)


THE MIRACLE Ishmael Bernal’s sociological drama about a young girl on an island off the coast of Mindoro who is believed to possess miraculous faith-healing powers. With Nora Aunor, Gigi Duenas, and Spanky Manikan (1982). (6:30)

BRUTAL Marilou Diaz-Abaya’s 1981 feature on the status of women in the Philippines follows a female journalist investigating the case of a repressed wife who kills her sadistic husband. With Amy Austria, Charo Santos, and Gina Alajar. (9:00)


MOTHER, SIBLING, CHILD A 1979 feature by the very talented Lino Brocka about a half sister returning to her dying father and resolving the family resentments that have been building during her absence. With Lolita Rodriguez, Charito Solis, Ric Rodrigo, Laurice Guillen, and Rio Locsin. (6:30)

ARE YOU NERVOUS? See listing under Sunday, January 7. (9:00)


PRIVATE SHOW See listing under Sunday, January 7. (6:30)

THE MIRACLE See listing under Tuesday, January 9. (9:00)