Live Bait Theater’s eighth annual showcase of one-person performances features old and new work by a slew of fringe artists. The fest runs through August 30 at Live Bait Theater, 3914 N. Clark; performances take place in the theater’s Bucket space. Tickets are $10 per show; a festival pass to all shows costs $30. Call 773-871-1212 for reservations (tickets are also available online at; check for more information.

Following is the schedule for August 14 through August 21; a complete schedule is available online at


Fillet of Solo Sampler

David Kodeski and Edward Thomas-Herrera host a program of short solo pieces performed by a rotating ensemble. Tonight’s bill features Dina Connolly, Mary Fons, James Kolstad, and Susan McLaughlin-Karp. 7:30 PM.


Materia Prima

Stephanie Shaw’s autobiographical “mosaic of modern motherhood” is directed by Edward Thomas-Herrera. 7:30 PM. (Reviewed this week in Section One.)

Fillet of Solo Sampler

See listing for Thursday, August 14. Tonight’s bill features Ilana Manaster, James T. Alfred, Dan Telfer, Cavan Hallman, Meg Graves, and Sarah Weidman. 9 PM.


Materia Prima

See listing for 7:30 PM Friday, August 15. 7:30 PM.

Any Way You Want It

Kristin Garrison is accompanied by the Tom Ridge Trio in this program of short scenes. “Performing in front of a small rock band, Garrison packs a surprising number of ideas into a performance less than 90 minutes long: fear of intimacy, fear of death, loss of faith, identity crises, even a hilarious send-up of postmodern criticism….Whenever Garrison is discussing something weighty … she leavens her observations with comedy. This gift for humor keeps the audience alert and attentive even when the subject is dark,” says Reader critic Jack Helbig. 9:30 PM.


Fillet of Solo Sampler

See listing for Thursday, August 14. Tonight’s bill features Dina Connolly, Rachel Claff, James T. Alfred, Sarah Weidman, James Kolstad, Susan McLaughlin-Karp, and Robin Cline. 7:30 PM.