The first annual First Nations Festival features films and videos–shorts, documentaries, and narratives–on Native American issues, including religious freedom, forced relocation, and cultural preservation. Presented by the Native American Film/Video Festival Committee. All screenings will be at Facets Multimedia Center, 1517 W. Fullerton, on Saturday, November 21; tickets are $5. For more information call 784-0808, 989-6206, or 281-4988.


…And Women Wove It in a Basket

An oral history of Klickitat basket weaver Nettie Jackson Kuneki and an exploration of Klickitat river culture, by filmmakers Bushra Azzouz and Marlene Farnum (1990). On the same program, Harold of Orange, a 1983 short by Richard Weise. (1:00 and 7:00)

Sacred Buffalo People

An hour-long documentary video by Deb Wallwork (1991). On the same program, a short video by Crow artist Susan Stewart, The Crow-Mapuche Connection. (1:00)

The Learning Path

An hour-long film by Loretta Todd in which three Native American educators use their experiences at boarding school to illustrate the importance of preserving their language and heritage (1991). On the same program, Richard Weise’s 20-minute Harold of Orange (1983). (3:00 and 9:00)

The Peyote Road

Gary Rhine and Fidel Moreno’s hour-long documentary video about the implications of the recent U.S. Supreme Court Smith decision on the use of peyote in religious ceremonies; it explores the significance of the drug in relation to painting, beadwork, religion, law, medicine, and anthropology. On the same program, Ava Hamilton’s short Everything Has a Spirit, which discusses how the freedom-of-religion clause in the First Amendment doesn’t always protect Native American religions. (3:00)

Voyage of Rediscovery

A video by Frank Brown and Phil Lucas, in which Brown recounts his experiences at a healing ceremony. On the same program, David Poisey and William Hansen’s Starting Fire With Gunpowder. (5:00)

The Eighth Fire

A video by Sandra J. Osawa about an Indian prophecy in which the “lightskinned race” will be given the choice of lighting an eternal fire of peace or one of destruction. On the same program, Osawa’s In the Heart of Big Mountain (1988) and Jean LaMarr’s Double Visions (1991). (7:00)

Wiping the Tears of Seven Generations

Gary Rhine and Fidel Moreno’s video documentary, which gives a short history of the Lakota people and discusses events that led to the Wounded Knee Massacre (1991). On the same program, Mary Moran’s Not Vanishing (1989) and Randy Redroad’s Cow Tipping: The Militant Indian Waiter (1991). (9:00)