The fourth annual First Nations Film and Video Festival–formerly the First Nations Native American Film and Video Festival–will be held on Saturday and Thursday, November 25 and 30, and Saturday, December 3. Screenings this week are at Facets Multimedia Center, 1517 W. Fullerton; tickets are $5 per program. For more information call 784-0808.


Act of War and Onipa’a

Two video documentaries about the overthrow of Hawaii in 1893, the second of which focuses on the 100th anniversary of this event. (1:00)

Lax Wesa Wa

An hour-long documentary by Barb Cranmer about fishing traditions of three tribes on Canada’s west coast. (1:00 and 9:00)

Apache Mountain Spirits

An hour-long 1985 video by Bob Graham, to be shown with shorter videos by Margaret Dubin and Amait Ikkajurtigiit. (3:00)

Imagining Indians

A 1993 documentary feature by Victor Masayesva in which Native Americans discuss their misrepresentation in films. (3:00)

Pomo Basket Weavers

An hour-long video documentary by David Weaver, to be shown with three shorter videos. (7:00)

Dance Me Outside

A feature by Bruce McDonald (Highway 61) about five Indian teenagers on the Kidabanesee reservation during two weekends a year apart. With Ryan Black, Adam Beach, Jennifer Podemski, and Lisa LaCroix. (7:00)

Lighting the 7th Fire

A video documentary by Sandra Osawa about treaty rights and a spearfishing conflict in northern Wisconsin, to be shown with three shorter videos. (9:00)

Lax Wesa Wa

See listing above. (9:00)


Short Videos 1

Five short videos, four documentaries and one narrative, whose subjects include Navajos, Winnebagos, and Inuits. (1:00)

Imagining Indians

See listing under Saturday, November 25. (1:00)

Short Videos 2

Half a dozen short videos, by Lyn Whidden, Pat Metzier, and Bernice Dahl. (3:00)

Dance Me Outside

See listing under Saturday, November 25. (3:00)

Short Videos 3

Five video documentaries, by Lyn Whidden, Tina Shaffer, Bernice Dahl, Dave Erickson, Alan Caldwell, and Amait Ikkajurtigiit. (5:00)

Lax Wesa Wa

See listing under Saturday, November 25. (5:00)

In the White Man’s Image

A 51-minute video (1991) about the U.S. government’s attempt to assimilate and “deculturate” American Indian children, to be shown with Victress Hitchcock’s 50-minute Grandfather Sky (1993) and two shorter videos. (7:00)

Kaho ‘Olawa Aloha Aina

An hour-long video about the efforts of native Hawaiians to prevent the U.S. Navy from using their home island as target practice for bombs, to be shown with two shorter works. (9:00)

Art accompanying story in printed newspaper (not available in this archive): photo/Michael Vendruscolo.