Forget everything you might have heard about the late Jack Smith’s legendary, bisexual, orgiastic, super-low-budget experimental 1963 masterpiece–a lot more is going on here, artistically and otherwise, than either Jonas Mekas or Susan Sontag ever suggested. This 45-minute film, rarely shown over the last two decades, holds up amazingly well as much more than just something that outraged middle-class morals, the cause of its notoriety and censorship in the 60s. On the same program, five short films by Ken Jacobs that feature Smith as an actor: Little Stabs at Happiness (1963), Saturday Afternoon Blood Sacrifice (1957), Hunch Your Back, Revelling in the Dumps, and Death of P’Town (1961); the last four have rarely been shown. (Chicago Filmmakers, 1229 W. Belmont, Friday, October 16, 8:00, 281-8788)