Most burlesque shows are all about beautiful women dancing seductively in skimpy outfits. There’s no message, and the musical interludes need only maintain audience interest. Flirt has all this down cold. Attractive, appropriately aloof dancers perform Eddy Ocampo’s tantalizing choreography, showing off fit bodies as they strut and shimmy in an array of lingerie, and singer Dante’s first-act songs are slyly funny and sensual, compensating for her too languid second-act number. Yet show creator Monica Zaffarano tries to take this revue beyond tight bodies busting a move, using clumsy set pieces and elaborate lighting to achieve “exotic” results. In this technically maladroit hour-long show, the stagehands seem to lack all grace and expertise while making the exhaustive scene changes. Why bother? Fancy stage effects are never going to be the show’s selling point anyway. Open run: Sat 10:30 PM. Lakeshore Theater, 3175 N. Broadway, 773-472-3492. $25.