Believe it or not, the fake ethnic dancing is the reason to see this low-budget show, now entering its seventh season. It’s certainly not the “plot,” which goes nowhere as the Beboians, residents of the fictional Bebo, recount how they’ve been chased from place to place while searching for their floss, or identity. Nor is pointed satire the reason to see Floss!, though it does bear some resemblance to Riverdance, given its glorification of an ethnic group and the way the Beboians solemnly report on their travails. More significant than Corn Productions’ knowing derision is the fundamental sweetness and camaraderie of the endeavor: this show both parodies and celebrates dancers’ hopeful yet often hopeless attempts to communicate. It’s also a real treat to see nondancers pour themselves into dancing–that doesn’t happen often in the theater, but when it does, you see a whole different side of the performers. Open run: Sat 8 PM, Cornservatory, 4210 N. Lincoln, 312-409-6435, $5-$15.