Henri Bergson argues that an essential component of comedy is ignorance of self: the less self-aware a character is, the funnier he is. And in this very funny one-man show by Michael Moore (not that Michael Moore), most of the laughs come from the way his stage persona–a languid, self-loving, vaguely racist, acid-tongued queen–remains oblivious to how appalling or ridiculous he sounds. It helps that Moore has excellent timing and a way with one-liners. In fact, these strengths are enough to make up for the fact that the show wanders a bit and has a title that doesn’t make much sense. A giddily dark sketch revue from the duo One Trick Ponies opens the evening. Through 10/26: Wed 8 PM. Cornservatory, 4210 N. Lincoln, 773-459-8056. $10.