Cooked up by chef Frankie Janisch, this stew (pot-au-feu? melange?) of culinary lesson, four-course meal, Jesus Christ Superstar parody, and performing waiters ends up tasting good despite its cornball excesses. Janisch works the room as well as his pans, leading us through the preparation of each menu item as it’s served by actors in pseudo-biblical bathrobes who break into song (“Frankie J, supper-star, are you the chef that they say you are?”) and wave chiffon scarves in a manner signifying “choreography.” Although endearing, the cast contributes nothing but overkill. Janisch’s kibitzy, genial manner and Tuscan tomato sauce are more than enough to hold an eating audience’s attention. My advice to him: drop the Superstar conceit, get a better video setup (including a bigger screen so we can follow the prep work more easily), and go solo. Through 5/8: Sun 4 PM. Frankie J’s on Broadway, 4437 N. Broadway, 773-769-2959. $39.95 (includes meal); reservations required.