The classic kids’ book by Mary Rodgers about a mother and daughter who magically trade bodies for a day first hit the big screen in 1976 as a Disney comedy starring Barbara Harris and Jodie Foster. In this update, directed by Mark Waters (The House of Yes) and again produced by Disney, mom (Jamie Lee Curtis) is a stressed-out, multitasking psychiatrist who’s about to remarry, and her kid (Lindsay Lohan) is a high school rebel who loves the Hives and plays guitar in a garage band. Since the original film came out, its role-reversal gimmick has been filched by countless other comedies, but the premise provides a fine showcase for the two appealing actresses, who appropriate each other’s vocal and physical mannerisms with dead-on accuracy. With Mark Harmon and Chad Michael Murray. 95 min. Starts Wednesday, August 6, Chatham 14, Golf Glen, Lake. For additional venues as we get them, see