Credit: Todd Rosenberg

The numbers alone are a little overwhelming. Sixteen first- and second-company dancers are devising 19 short pieces in just four weeks for Inside/Out, Hubbard Street Dance Chicago’s tenth annual choreographic showcase. The feverish circumstances produced a percolating creativity at a recent set of rehearsals spread out all over the HSDC space. Terence Marling had planned to choreograph a solo on Taryn Kaschock Russell but ended up deciding to join her—and added the rule that they couldn’t talk during the choreographic process. The noises, faces, and gestures they made to communicate seemed to carry over into an unusually muscular and intimate piece. In another studio, HSDC resident choreographer Alejandro Cerrudo was indulging his comedic instincts—coaxing Benjamin Wardell into a backward scoot that ended in a salute—for a solo set to Dean Martin’s gooey rendition of “In the Chapel in the Moonlight.” Expect potluck at Inside/Out, but it’s still a good bet—the cooks are excellent.