“Full Moon Vaudeville” is nothing new, and neither are most of the performers in it. But what began as a benefit evening at the Lunar Cabaret several years ago to help out such organizations as the Greater Chicago Food Depository and the women’s program at the Howard Brown Health Center has moved up in the world: after being part of the Museum of Contemporary Art’s summer solstice celebration last June, this cabaret event has now been given its own one-night slot at the MCA. Some of the performers have been with the show since the get-go: the rock group Maestro Subgum & the Whole, Bryn Magnus (who tells boyhood stories with John Starrs here), and various members of the O’Reilly family–Beau, playing disappointed vaudevillian Lefty Fizzle, and Nia O’Reilly-Amandes and Meg O’Reilly-Amandes, a 12- and a 16-year-old who perform with Jenny Magnus as the crooning Clothes Sisters. Also on the program are singer-songwriter Diane Izzo, monologuist Cheryl Trykv, physical comedian Mark Comiskey, visual theater artists Local Infinities, and my own personal favorite, choreographer-dancer Bob Eisen. Eisen is emblematic of the unique talents that at least some Chicago performers have to offer: past 50, he’s never stopped dancing or failed to perform with the utmost integrity. Especially in solo improvisations he’s absolutely himself, whatever that might entail at the moment–spasmodic motions of the limbs, pseudoballet, or the complete abandonment of any pretense of performing. Museum of Contemporary Art, theater, 220 E. Chicago, 312-397-4010. Saturday, January 30, 8 PM. $12.

–Laura Molzahn

Art accompanying story in printed newspaper (not available in this archive): The Clothes Sisters photo by Chris Dimock.