Each year Araucana chickens lay about 250 pastel-colored eggs. Wicker Park artist Juniper Tedhams ordered three dozen in shades of blue and green from a farm in Waterford, Wisconsin, and artfully arranged them in a decorative bowl as part of her installation, “Good Things,” which opens tonight at Randolph Street Gallery. The exhibit’s named after a column in the magazine Martha Stewart Living. That’s where Tedhams got the idea for this and 47 other projects, like a fan trellis, heart-shaped lollipops, and a “mossy pot,” created by burying yogurt-covered terra-cotta until mold grows.

Tedhams insists she’s not doing a parody of Martha, as she calls her, or the “industrious housewife.” In fact, she feels guilty indulging in her own bourgeois desires. “Doing work about shopping and making nice stuff is kinda hard to cop to,” says Tedhams. “It’s not exactly culture in action.”

Tedhams’s gone into debt buying into Martha’s projects. Instead of cutting up her credit cards to tile the bottom of a pool, like Stewart does on an American Express ad, she’s maxed out her credit buying nine Russel Wright creamers, six place settings of hotel silver, and a $450 set of yellow crockery. It’s a good thing she just got a grant.

“Good Things” opens with a free reception from 6 to 8 PM Friday at Randolph Street Gallery, 756 N. Milwaukee, and runs through July 1. For more information, call 666-7737.