One of the best things about Dina Facklis’s solo sketch show is that her characters are often oblivious to just how funny they are. They’re all the more entertaining because she delivers them–the nonbridesmaid former friend blithely spilling secrets at the wedding, the misguided mom demanding that her daughter don more makeup–with complete conviction. Equally amusing are Facklis’s turns as a health teacher appalled by her students’ easy attitude toward getting pregnant (the sex makes it worth it) and as a couples’ counselor berating her therapy group about their unwillingness to engage in trust falls. Combining wit, originality, and sharp observations in a succinct, smart show, Facklis and director Andy Miara offer a solid hour of hearty laughs. –Jenn Goddu a Through 7/29: Sun 9:30 PM, Annoyance Theatre, 4840 N. Broadway, 773-561-4665, $8.