Presented by the arts and entertainment organization Gen Art, this series continues Friday and Saturday, June 29 and 30, with screenings at Pipers Alley. Tickets are $20 and include admission to after-screening parties; for more information visit

Suffering Man’s Charity British character actor Alan Cumming directed and stars in this story of a music teacher whose charitable nature is exploited by a down-and-out novelist. With David Boreanaz, Anne Heche, Jane Lynch, and Carrie Fisher. Also on the program: Jamie Travis’s short Patterns 3. Cumming will attend the screening. a Fri 6/29, 7 PM.

Numb Matthew Perry stars as a screenwriter whose deepening depression sends him on a “shrink gauntlet” across Los Angeles. Harris Goldberg directed; with Barry W. Levy, Lynn Collins, Kevin Pollak, and Mary Steenburgen. Also on the program: Kurt Kuenne’s short Validation, with T.J. Tyne. Goldberg and Tyne will attend the screening. a Sat 6/30, 7 PM.