Teatro Luna’s new home on the edge of Pilsen is an easy trip from downtown–and a good location for a company that explores the American Latina experience while being accessible to everyone else. The 68-seat air-conditioned space, formerly the Pilsen Theatre, is a narrow, comfortable room now filled by the all-female ensemble’s joyful remount of their first production, Generic Latina. The sketches, in Spanish and English, lovingly detail the complexities of race relations, stereotypes, and the struggle between traditional ways and contemporary American life within the Latina community. The material is reinvigorated by the addition of five cast members who don’t belong to the ensemble, especially Charin Alvarez, who plays the only recurring character, the Generic Latina. Her sharp, coolly funny performance as she inhabits different aspects of the stereotypical Latina identity (housemaid, prostitute, child of myth) brings new life and poignancy to an already tight, engaging show. Teatro Luna, 556 W. 18th, 312-683-5248. Through August 4; Fridays-Sundays, 8 PM; additional matinees Sunday, July 28 and August 4, 4 PM. $12.