The premise is gold. Striding Lion InterArts Workshop retells the story of the Texas 11–state Democrats who fled to a New Mexico motel for 30 days in 2003 to avoid a vote on Republican-favored redistricting–as a trippy spaghetti western. It comes complete with a savvy video opening, stylized movement sections, and a few memorable images: a dancing gray-haired, cigar-chomping waif dubbed the Spirit of Bipartisanship and “Hot Tub” Tom DeLay in ten-gallon hat and American-flag Speedo. But the premise doesn’t develop into meaningful satire or engaging theater. The interchangeable characters are often mired in static psychological realism, and the show’s vilification of Republican efforts to secure majority districts ignores similar Democratic attempts in Maryland, Georgia, and California only a year earlier. –Justin Hayford a Through 4/1: Thu-Sat 8 PM, Sun 7 PM, National Pastime Theatre, 4139 N. Broadway, 773-561-0494, $15-$20.