Credit: Illustration by the NBDY Design Co.

Credit: Ryan Smith

There’s no joy in Bruce Rauner’s Springfield

A journey into the heart of Illinois’s bureaucratic darkness: the state capital

By Ryan Smith

Credit: Courtesy Dave Hoekstra

Iconic Wisconsin supper club the Gobbler has been revived, sans the supper

After an extensive renovation, the midcentury-modern architectural curiosity now operates as a theater for live music.

By Dave Hoekstra

Credit: Todd Halterman

Jesus takes the wheel at the Blessing of the Bikes

Motorcyclists kick-start riding season with a group prayer in Baldwin, Michigan.

By Laura Pearson

Credit: Courtesy Jonathan Baldizon

What’s so funny about Indiana?

The Hoosier State makes a case for seeking comedy beyond Chicago.

By Jason A. Heidemann

Credit: Bobby Sims

Pedaling to Indiana’s Amish paradise

The Pennsylvania Dutch eschew most modern technology, but bicycles remain an essential part of the culture.

By John Greenfield

Credit: Michele Longworth/Metropolis Planet

Adventures await in Metropolis, Illinois, the official “Home of Superman”

The small town is home to the annual Superman Celebration and a 15-foot-tall statue of the Man of Steel.

By Brianna Wellen

Credit: Bobby Sims

Midwest minor league baseball is major fun

Beyond Wrigley Field and the Cell, there’s a world of young talent, themed nights, and cheap tickets, hot dogs, and beer.

By Aimee Levitt