Maybe because the Giordano company grew out of a school, it seems to have more than its share of dances about dancing. Christopher L. Huggins’s new Pyrokinesis is neatly divided between rehearsal and performance. In the first half, accompanied by languid Satie-esque music, the dancers are initially isolated, looking inward: they lazily push away from each other or collapse together, and everything’s a little soft. But by the time the section ends, the process of coalescing into a community is well under way. The movement in the second half, introduced by the scream of a jazz trumpet, is almost painfully extroverted and orchestrated: I’ve never seen so many turns in so few minutes. Huggins is a former Ailey dancer, and it shows; most exciting is a hip-hoppy male solo. Also on the program are Randy Duncan’s Can’t Take This Away, associate director Jon Lehrer’s Like 100 Men, Davis Robertson’s Being One, and Tony Powell’s Impulse. a Fri-Sat 3/2-3/3, 8 PM, Harris Theater for Music and Dance, 205 E. Randolph, 312-334-7777, $25-$45. Huggins offers a master class Sat 3/3, 2 PM, at the Harris, $25, register at