The tall one is Coco Chanel, the great fashion innovator. The grasping but stupid blonde is Hitler’s mistress, Eva Braun. The guy who does almost nothing but talk about golf is Arthur Capel, the British sugar daddy who bankrolled Chanel’s career. And the oversexed one in the black jackboots? Guess. OK, I’ll tell you. He’s Hitler! But without the mustache since, I suppose, that would have tipped us. Playwright Susan Hahn is a prominent poet and she makes a poet’s mistake here, substituting metaphor for narrative. She apparently thought that stripping her characters of clear identity and intention would add to their resonance when in fact it just assures our mystification. Her unanchored equation of golf, war, business, and love doesn’t help. This script cries out for proper workshopping. The only thing I’d care to salvage from Ann Filmer’s production is Mierka Girten’s magnificent eyes. Through 3/13: Fri-Sat 8 PM, Sun 3 PM. Thu 2/24-3/10, 8 PM. Circle Theatre, 7300 W. Madison, Forest Park, 708-771-0700. $20-$22.