Goober, the statuesque leader of Detroit’s Goober & the Peas, was standing outside a meeting room during an industry confab here not long ago, his trademark grin (very wide) in full evidence. “Come see our show tonight” he’d say politely to passersby, handing out fliers. Goober was dressed as he normally is: a ten-gallon hat, a fine cream-colored polyester western suit embroidered with musical notes, a western shirt with fringe, a little tie that came to a point about six inches above his navel, and cowboy boots. With him was guitarist Junior, who looked a lot like Goober–suit, bolo tie, lots of fringe, boots. A guy from some other out-of-town band came up to ask a few questions. “Where do you guys play? Do you have a manager? How do you get bookings in other cities?” Goober, unfailingly courteous, responded to the questions helpfully. Finally the guy took a step back and looked Goober–seven-foot-something in his boots–up and down quizzically. “Say, what sort of music do you play, anyway?” he asked. Goober looked his questioner in the eye. “Alternative rock,” he said. Saturday, Lounge Ax, 2438 N. Lincoln; 525-6620.