Most of the eight video shorts on this program are compelling and amusing portraits of individuals whose lives are defined by their obsession with food. The protagonist of Michelle Lewis’s De*fat*ing (2000) compares herself to a junkie as she feeds on ice cream right at the freezer, a dark image that captures the power of her compulsion. Food and sex dovetail in Sarah Shapiro’s Jelly (1999), which parallels the filling from a jelly doughnut with red lipstick and nail polish, and in Nwenna Kai’s Donne-moi a manger, which superimposes fruit, faces, and bodies to create a polymorphous sensuality. The origins of processed food are addressed in the program’s sole documentary: A Cow at My Table (1998, 61 min.), Jennifer Abbott’s video on the depredations of factory farming, has some disturbing moments, though its key images of penned-up animals are deflated somewhat by Abbott’s cliched freeze-frames. 115 min. Women in the Director’s Chair Theater.