On its ninth album, Sleep/Holiday (Sanctuary), the Welsh group Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci does little to advance its sound, and that’s fine by me. Over the years the band has polished every facet of its gorgeous music–a sunny mixture of the Kinks, British folk, the Beach Boys, and the strummy side of the Velvet Underground. There’s not much to a song like “The South of France,” a fragile fantasy about restoring a troubled relationship with a rural getaway–it doesn’t even have a chorus. But the tender murmurings of singer Euros Childs, shadowed by lighter-than-air vocal harmonies, crystalline guitar chords, and emotive violin counterpoint played by his sister Megan Childs, make the tune work. The group has the audacity to follow that with another gauzy, drum-free ballad, “Leave My Dreaming,” which features Euros’s sweet falsetto over a Pet Sounds-worthy melody, and then gets quieter still on “Pretty as a Bee,” whose two-note organ pattern and wordless vocals repeat slowly for three and a half minutes before Euros begins a lullaby about being kept awake by his lover’s beauty. There are a couple of upbeat numbers: “Mow the Lawn” is a raucous throwaway that hints at the Beefheart-esque sound of the band’s early records, while “Eyes of Green, Green, Green” is the kind of ultracatchy, strum-happy ditty that has been a highlight of nearly all their albums. But the bouncier material only makes the rest of the album sound that much more tranquil and beautiful. Kingsbury Manx open. Wednesday, October 15, 9 PM, Abbey Pub, 3420 W. Grace; 773-478-4408.