Ever since he escaped from suburban pit orchestras to follow his muse, trumpeter Guy Fricano has been as formidable as certain natural phenomena. (Hurricanes and geysers come to mind.) His ideas crackle, his tempos threaten to pick you up and blow you away, and he applies a singular DC jolt to his art (as well as to his business; this year Fricano will release his second and third albums, which he produced and will market himself). He throws his weight around, pushing his big, hot sound into every corner of the room, with the unquestioned authority that seems to accompany mastery of the trumpet more than any other instrument. All this would be enough even if Fricano didn’t have such an intriguing band–a two-saxophone sextet, the most recent version of which should approach meltdown around the evening’s third tune. Jeff Newell’s quick, cutting alto teams with Jim Massoth’s puissant tenor, while the rhythm section–bassist Scott Mason, the explosive Robert Shy on drums, and Fricano’s longtime pianist John Redfield–guarantees the horn work: no one in the front line would dare stumble, for fear of getting run down by the rhythmic steamroller on his tail. Saturday, Green Mill, 4802 N. Broadway; 878-5552.