Dana Moon, Jessica Michelle Singleton, and Lisa Curry Credit: Courtesy Road Kill Comedy

When Jessica Michelle Singleton, Lisa Curry, and Dana Moon met doing stand-up in Los Angeles in 2013, the like-minded comedians knew they had to take their collective shows on the road. Without huge name recognition, they tried to no avail to set up a tour of colleges or armed forces units. So the trio began calling venues across the country to see if they could get some stage time, and in September 2014 they all packed into a Jetta for an independent 19-city tour.

To the stand-ups’ surprise, bevies of fans they never knew existed packed many sold-out theaters and clubs along the way—and they were able to win over audiences who were new to their material. After their successful Walk of Shame tour, the ladies are at it again, and this time they’re capturing every moment along the way for a new docuseries they’re calling Road Kill Comedy.

“I’m worried that so much of what’s funny is not the show itself,” Singleton says. “We have to make sure we always have the cameras on.”

The LA trio is flying to Chicago to kick off the tour. After the gig at Empty Bottle, they’ll rent a car to set out on a three-week, 15-city jaunt. Singleton hopes to write a lot of new material on the road, while Curry and Moon are in it to hone their half-hour sets.

“I think we go together well because we’re different enough that it doesn’t become repetitive,” Singleton says. “Lisa’s comedy is dark and a little dry, Dana is really physical, and I’m somewhere in between—straight jokes and storytelling.”

None of them believes the DIY girls’-club tour makes any grand feminist statement. They do think it offers a chance for male fans to further realize that female comics aren’t just for female audiences.

The comics are still looking for an outlet to release Road Kill Comedy, but they’ve been in talks with networks such as Comedy Central, MTV, and Oxygen. If it isn’t picked up, Singleton says, they’ll release the series independently. The behind-the-scenes shenanigans, she says, are just too good to not be made available.

“I take my pants off in every city we visit,” Singleton says. “I’m excited to take my pants off in front of the White House and see if I get arrested.”