Hans and Robyn Are Searching for a Great Review!, at ComedySportz. Two-actor sketch-comedy evenings are difficult to pull off: no matter how likable and talented the duo, their interplay can wear thin. (Unless the duo is on a par with Mike Nichols and Elaine May, of course.)

Hans Holsen and Robyn Norris are disarming and energetic, but their show doesn’t hold up. Aside from the naked plea of the title, they don’t seem clear on their goals, and this lack of purpose weighs down the show. They take stabs at metacomedy, commenting occasionally on what’s happening in a sketch and critiquing each other’s performance styles. Neither has much of an acting range, and more often than not the chemistry between them seems forced. Jason Pardo’s direction is workmanlike but uninspired.

The show’s best moments are the musical numbers, especially “The Boyfriend Song,” a funny rap about a commitment-phobic guy and his arsenal of passive-aggressive weapons. (Norris, Holsen, and Pardo wrote the lyrics, and Steph McCullough is credited with the music.) But otherwise there’s nothing particularly memorable or provocative. Perhaps to play up their made-for-TV white-bread appeal, the two take a dig at Dana Goodman and Julia Wolov’s scatological Dana & Julia Show. In the interest of truth in advertising, perhaps this evening should be renamed “Hans and Robyn Are Searching for a Sitcom Pilot.”