Hans & Robyn in “The Age of Hilarious!”, ComedySportz. Comedy team Hans Holsen and Robyn Norris are both attractive young people, the former exhibiting a Wodehouse-ian aplomb and the latter an elfish allure. Most of their material is pretty clever too, and what isn’t is redeemed by its quirky charm.

The hour-long show begins amid a welter of intriguing props with a musical prospectus. In the engaging scenario that follows, a romance is shattered by a sneeze and the lady’s irreverent reply to her swain’s blessing. The evening finishes smartly as well, with an audience-participation bit revolving around an amateur videographer’s auteurist ambitions. But in between, the punch lines are often puzzling, as when a pizza deliveryman sings a sad ballad to his customer and she invites him to stay, or a rebellious concert musician demands more money, then trades clothes with the tour sponsor, who takes her place onstage.

Comparisons to Holsen and Norris’s recent Hans and Robyn Are Searching for a Great Review! are inevitable–and artists’ second efforts always present greater challenges than their first. Still, under Jason Pardo’s direction this ComedySportz production hints at a commercially successful future for its writer-performers.