Comedy is hard, dying is easy. The three guys who make up the Whizgiggers–Matt Lane, Timmy Mayse, and Todd Schanbacher–prove this again and again in their excruciatingly long 45-minute sketch-comedy show. The material they perform isn’t bad, though the show’s writers clearly spend too much time watching the tube and not enough in the real world. But the three constantly go over the top when pulling back would get the laugh, then deliver great lines so offhandedly we almost miss them. They do have a certain rough-hewn charm–not unusual in a city where most comedy troupes learn their craft by improvising–but they need acting lessons, lots and lots of acting lessons. Through 8/12: Fri 11 PM. Trap Door Theatre, 1655 W. Cortland, 773-332-9463. $8.