The Tangerine Arts Group calls Aaron Lipke’s new play a piece of “politicking” on agricultural issues. But the conflicts between family farms and agribusiness figure mainly as a catalyst for the woes of two lovers: a farmer’s son forced to flee his home after an act of industrial sabotage results in a bystander’s death, and a young artist (who exhibits drawings of caged chickens) rejected by her patrons. Further confusing the agenda is Lipke’s ambivalent attitude toward his characters, whose moral progress is charted haphazardly. Add the difficulties commonly associated with low-budget productions–multiple casting, poor acoustics, minimal design–and there are so many weeds choking Harvest’s field that they can’t help but obscure this well-intentioned but sudsy sociodrama. Through 11/21: Thu-Sat 8 PM, Sun 3 PM. Women in the Director’s Chair Theater, Preston Bradley Center for the Arts, 941 W. Lawrence (fifth floor), 773-544-4280. $10.