The playbill includes multiple definitions of heavy–of which “hard to bear” is the most relevant. This series of sketches and monologues about being fat is amateurish across the board. Thanks to an impressively drab, carpeted set and feeble sound, scenes often come off like basement rehearsals. The three writer-performers, two overweight men and a height-weight proportionate woman, seem novice actors (one struggled seriously with lines), and under Lavina Jadhwani’s direction the bits lack rhythm and the obesity issues are neither sympathetic nor laugh-out-loud funny. There’s too much preaching–but if you tell us that fat people have feelings too (and mean it), don’t invite us to laugh at your man boobs or clunky dancing. –Ryan Hubbard a Through 6/22: Fri 10:30 PM, Live Bait Theater, 3914 N. Clark, 630-886-3245 or 773-282-0344, $10.