It seems that almost since he began playing Henry Kaiser has been reaping kudos as a pioneering pillar of avant-garde guitar; in fact, that label has been in place so long it’s hard to tell what (if anything) it still means. Kaiser has never been afraid of electronics or of musical noise–sound for sound’s sake–but he certainly has never restricted himself to that. His music has in the past sounded strikingly anarchistic, but just as often it adheres to traditional dictates of melody and form. I won’t try to snow you here. If I list Kaiser’s more obscure records and influences, it will be gibberish to the uninitiated–“try finding the one with Fred Frith on the Metalanguage label” and redundant for those who’ve been following his music longer than I have. It suffices to say that Kaiser is the genuine article, an unpretentious creator and explorer of sounds and sensibilities; if you crave adventure, bring an open mind and enjoy the ride. Today, 7 PM, Reckless Records, 3157 N. Broadway; 404-5080. Saturday, Edge of the Lookingglass, 62 E. 13th; 939-4017.