Here Comes the Sun, Raven Theatre. With all the squealing and running around going on before the show, I was worried. How would these buoyant kids sit calmly through nearly an hour of various creation myths? That this unruly crowd was silently entranced once the lights went down is a testament to the energy and imagination of director Chester Munro and his committed ensemble of five.

It surely helped that the heroes in most of these Aztec, Maori, Greek, and Native American stories were children. Youth doesn’t always fare well–Phaeton is too headstrong to realize the danger when he begs to drive Helios’s sun chariot. But among these tales adapted for the stage by Michael Menendian, Chuck Spencer, and Mark Yates is one in which a daughter suggests a solution to the world’s darkness, and another in which youthful siblings work together to give the world light. Some of the stories’ messages are dimmed in the pursuit of quick pace and comedy, but the show remains brightly entertaining. Kudos also to designer Kate Murphy, whose shimmering costumes bring even more light to the stage once the sun rises in each fable.