Sound artist and vocalist Carol Genetti says of her installation Send Help, “I didn’t know it would sound so beautiful.” Part of the Museum of Contemporary Art’s new Here/Not There series, it consists of eight tape recorders mounted on the walls of the 12 x 12 gallery, each playing an enunciation of a different letter in the phrase “send help.” Synchronized at first to deliver the phrase, the recorded sounds devolve into gibberish as time passes. But Genetti says she’s “singing in a way. Everything we say is musical, is interesting rhythmically.” She uses low-tech recorders for their “feeling of nostalgia” and says Send Help should be heard in darkness. Like the other pieces in the series, Genetti’s has a performance element: on July 10 she and Asimina Chremos perform a semi-improvised dance to the recordings. On July 17 Jeremiah Barber saws a log in the gallery, then rolls it down and up the MCA stairs, then hacks away at it again. He’ll repeat until there’s only sawdust and scraps left to be displayed in the days following. Drone artist Rick Gribenas performs July 24. a Performances are Tuesdays (the museum’s free days) at 7 PM through 7/24; gallery showings of performance remnants are Wed-Sun during museum hours through 7/29. Museum of Contemporary Art, 220 E. Chicago, 312-280-2660, $6-$10 museum admission. –Laura Molzahn