Hip Fit

1513 W. Foster


Jennifer Rozenberg is obsessed with jeans: at any one time she’s got about 20 pairs in her closet. “I don’t like to go places I can’t wear them,” she says. But with new pairs often costing upward of a hundred bucks, even maintaining such a casual wardrobe can get awfully expensive. That’s why in October Rozenberg opened Hip Fit, a shop on West Foster in Andersonville specializing in affordable secondhand jeans. Trolling through the inventory is a trip through fashion history: vintage Wranglers, Jordache jeans with embroidered pockets and a waist that hits just beneath the belly button, and, of course, classic 501s–the more worn in, the better. (But don’t expect to find anything tapered or stonewashed.) With such nostalgic associations, the green shag carpeting Rozenberg says she installed “to give the store a homey feel” seems all the more appropriate. But not everything about the store is retro; you can also find contemporary brands like Seven and Diesel, some with the original price tags still attached. Hip Fit also sells items that complement the denim aesthetic: canvas messenger bags, knit rainbow scarves, and Philosopher Garden T-shirts printed with famous quotations, like this one from Oscar Wilde–“Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.”