As Beau O’Reilly’s new play opens, it’s raining onstage–huge sprinkling cans suspended from the ceiling inundate a cluster of umbrella-clutching citizens. One of them, a teenager listening to Lou Reed’s “Vicious” (the source of the play’s misquoted title) on her Walkman, collides with a bus. Later, in a honky-tonk bar, a web of connections develops. A forest ranger once assaulted by someone wearing a bear mask meets a runaway wife. Her therapist sister’s clients include the ursine thug as well as a cheerful bag lady and a disabled novelist. After two hours, these and other people unite in a–well, thunderous climax. If the screwball plot sometimes seems like a Harold run amok, clever characterizations–notably Teresa Weed’s literary sage and Bridget O’Reilly’s visionary vagrant–pique our curiosity throughout.