Broad strokes and lapses in realism have to be allowed for in children’s theater, but this show might try an eight-year-old’s patience. The story–about a kid who finds a magical Honus Wagner baseball card worth millions in a neighbor’s attic–turns on an ethical conflict whose obvious solution (communicate, negotiate, share already!) is willfully ignored. Its memorabilia-trade villains, while hilarious, are too unbelievable. And its separated-parents subplot is entirely perfunctory. That said, author Dan Gutman, whose novel was adapted by Steven Dietz, has a marvelous feel for old-timey period details and early baseball lore–young Joey is first joined by Wagner in the present, then transported back to the 1909 World Series–and the acting, costumes, and set design are stellar.–Brian Nemtusak a Through 8/26: Fri 7 PM, Sat 2 and 6 PM, Sun 11 AM and 3 PM, Thu through 8/9, 1 PM, Tue 8/7, 10:30 AM, Goodman Theatre, 170 N. Dearborn, 312-443-3800, $15-$38.