Jeremy Lemos, 30, co-owns the Ukrainian Village recording studio Semaphore and does sound for Sonic Youth on tour. Gwen Lemos, 28, is a wedding DJ. They got married in July.

Describe your style.

Jeremy: “Roadie chic,” according to Gwen. I’m not sure if I like the term.

Gwen: I am usually trying for “woman in a French New Wave film.”

What do you go for when you are putting together a look?

Gwen: Being petite and curvy, it’s hard to do the modern drapey look with the skinny jeans. I am into bright colors, patterns, minidresses. I like to do a unique dress with a cool coat a lot.

Jeremy: I like really straight cuts, I like looking sharp. I favor suits but don’t get to wear them often because I’m always on tour.

So what do you wear when you’re on tour?

Jeremy: I always try bring some sport coats–it really surprises people. The average sound guy is wearing a tie-dye shirt, cargo pants, white Reeboks, and a ponytail. But when I show up looking nice, people think I’m in the band.

What did you guys wear when you got married?

Gwen: I got a dress from Betsey Johnson. It was a 60s-style prom dress, A-line skirt with a strapless top. I wore clear-heeled stilettos with rhinestones on them–they looked like stripper’s shoes.

Jeremy: I bought my shirt in Bologna, at this tiny store run by this old Italian lady. It was black with a slim cut. The jacket was APC, which is my favorite label right now. It’s my must-stop shop when I am in Paris or New York.

Jeremy, were you always this stylish, or did Gwen help?

Gwen: He wore ill-fitting khakis all the time when I met him.

Art accompanying story in printed newspaper (not available in this archive): photo/Jim Newberry.