Laura Eason’s condensed but satisfying adaptation of America’s finest coming-of-age saga is rooted in Jurgen Hooper’s triumphant portrayal of Huck–he comes across as raw, resilient, and conscientious in the best way. Mark Twain’s masterpiece contrasts the boy’s real but false dad with his true protector, runaway slave Jim (a wiser-than-words Chike Johnson). On their travels Huck and Jim learn that, on and off the Mississippi, a nugget of genuine conscience outweighs a ton of hypocritical righteousness. In this Steppenwolf for Young Adults staging by Edward Sobel, Bradley Mott and Kirk Anderson stir the pot as shyster showmen, but what’s most fun is the exuberant bluegrass score, performed by sound designer Rick Sims. –Lawrence Bommer a Through 3/18: Sat 11 AM, Sun 3/4, 11 AM, Steppenwolf Theatre Company, downstairs theater, 1650 N. Halsted, 312-335-1650, $20.