There are two parts to this quirky hour-long performance, the first by Numbskull, the Human Blockhead, aka Fraser Coffeen and Jennifer Huffman. With her assistance he hammers nails into his nose and pins balloons to his forearms. It sounds gross, but with his showman’s flair for spectacle, Coffeen’s no-gimmicks carnival stunts are outrageous and funny. In the second part–“10% Less Fat,” created by Children of the Absurd–Kelsie Huff and Amy Sumpter parody weight-loss culture. Though they start out strongly funny as perky entrepreneurs trying to sell their own weight-loss program, their other sketches and monologues teeter between sentimentality and nonsense. Numbskull, the Human Blockhead is the reason to see the show, but together the two acts provide interesting commentary on the ways we use and abuse our bodies. Through 6/30: Thu 8 PM. Neo-Futurarium, 5153 N. Ashland, 312-735-1963. $10.