Showing as part of Columbia College’s conference “Dignity Without Borders: Arts, Media and Human Rights,” this series of screenings and discussions runs Monday through Wednesday, May 5 through 7. Screenings will be at Columbia College Dance Center, 1306 S. Michigan, and Columbia College Ludington Bldg. Admission is free; for more information call 312-344-6725.


The New Americans

Filmmakers Jerry Blumenthal and Gordon Quinn will take part in a discussion on immigration at this screening of a selected episode from their PBS series The New Americans, broadcast in 2002. (Columbia College Dance Center, 6:00)


Short documentaries, program one

Jackie River and John Lyons, the latter coordinator of the Amnesty International campaign against the death penalty in Illinois, produced and directed Too Flawed to Fix: The Illinois Death Penalty Experience (57 min.), a video documentary about Governor George Ryan’s moratorium on the death penalty that includes testimony from four exonerated convicts. The project was completed in December 2002, shortly before Ryan emptied death row. Also on the program: Bob Hercules and Cheri Pugh’s Forgiving Dr. Mengele, a work in progress profiling Auschwitz survivor Eva Kor, and a 20-minute excerpt from Frances Reid and Deborah Hoffmann’s Oscar-nominated Long Night’s Journey Into Day (2000), about South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which investigates crimes committed during apartheid and brings victims face to face with their victimizers. River, Lyons, Kor, Hercules, and others will take part in the discussion. (Columbia College Dance Center, 6:00)


Short films, program two

Shorts and excerpts from longer works, some by Columbia College faculty and students. On the program: Peter Kuttner, Eric Scholl, and Cyndi Moran’s The End of the Nightstick: Confronting Police Brutality in Chicago; Ted Hardin’s One More Mile: A Dialogue on Nation-Building; Michael Caplan’s A Generation Between; C.A. Griffith and H.L.T. Quan’s What if I Were to Remain Here?; Griffith, Quan, and Jeff Spitz’s music video What a System; Spitz and Mickey Madoda Dube’s work in progress The Robben Island Singers; Gabriel Feijoo’s Everybody Dies in It and Alice in Warland; J. Reynaldo Roman’s Imaginary Landscape No. 11; Jerry Tran’s Apathetic America; and Mario Carrasco’s Michael Ryan. (Columbia College Ludington Bldg., 6:00)