Filmmaker Mweze Ngangura was born in Congo and educated in Belgium, and since codirecting Life Is Rosy (1987) he’s made a number of documentary shorts about the African diaspora. In this 1998 dramatic feature a Congolese tribal king (Gerard Essomba) travels to Brussels in search of his long-lost favorite daughter, and customs officials, the police, and a greedy antiques dealer all try to strip him of his headdress and other regalia held sacred by his people. Among the film’s many charms is its verite depiction of emigre life in Europe; Ngangura lovingly shows the exuberance, hope, despair, and cultural disjunction of the African quarter, where the proud king encounters an assortment of earnest students, petty thieves, racist club owners, and African nationalists. Friday, August 27, 8:00; Saturday, August 28, 4:00; and Sunday, August 29, 6:00. –Ted Shen